Standard ticket: 3€

Reduced price ticket: 2€
(acreditation needed)

Children aged between 7 and 12
Students aged between 18 and 25
People aged over 65
Group of 8 or more people
Family group consisting of 1 adult and minimum of 3 descendants – minimum of 2 descendants if one of them has a disability

Free ticket:
(acreditation needed)

Children aged under 7
La Ruta del Cister check book (2x1 offer)
Disabled people (and their caregiver if they cannot visit the place by themselves)
Unemployed people
Official tour guides
Academic staff (Education Department from the Catalan Government)
Linguistic partners (Voluntariat per la Llengua. Consorci Per la Normalització Lingüística (CPNL))
People living in the municipality

Doors Open Days: 11th of September (National Day of Catalonia), 15th of October

Combined ticket with Espai Macià: 5€
COMPRAR ENTRADES (enllaç extern)

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