Did you know that the parish church of Saint Cecília, where Lluís Companys was baptised, is only 5 minutes by foot from Espai Lluís Companys?

In 2003 it was declared Cultural Asset of Local Interest (BCIL in the Catalan acronym). Saint Cecilia’s sculpture, which is placed in the altar, was destroyed during the Spanish Civil War and was restored in 1988.



Did you know that Espai Lluís Companys is next to the Lluís Companys Monument?

It is the work of Antoni Boleda, a sculptor from Tàrrega. He, as the director of the currently named Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny Ondara, received the order to make the first monument in Catalonia dedicated to the Ex-president Companys. Josep Tarradellas, President of the Catalan Government, inaugurated the monument on the 11th of September of 1979.

Did you know that Salvador Seguí, known as El Noi del Sucre, possibly shared his childhood with Lluís Companys?

Salvador Seguí Rubinat, general secretary of Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (CNT), had family in Tornabous, next to El Tarròs. Even though they came from different backgrounds, Companys and Seguí shared part of their vital experiences.

In 2023 a sign post of the Xarxa d’Espais de Memòria from Memorial Democràtic was installed at his mother's house.
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For more information about the municipality, you can check the Tornabous town council webpage

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